For Teachers: Long Term Health Care Planning is Essential for Retirement Planning

With many states and school districts in the nation looking at changing how teacher’s retirements are funded, planning for Long Term Health Care costs is even more important now than ever before. It is an essential part of an overall retirement plan since health insurance and Medicare will not pay for most Long Term Health Care costs. This leaves whatever future retirement a teacher may have in addition jeopardy because of the financial risks.

I had the opportunity to address teachers in Oklahoma. I help teachers throughout the country and they all are concerned with this topic. Teacher’s defined pensions are under microscopes not only in Oklahoma but across the country. While I won’t debate the merits of defined pensions as opposed to a defined contribution program (like a 401k), the bottom line there will be continued pressure by states and school districts throughout the country on how best to provide retirement for our teachers.

No matter which retirement method a teacher may have, Long Term Health Care is still the biggest involuntary risk teacher’s face in enjoying their future retirements. They can’t and should not depend on a state or a district to provide them with help in this area. 

The US Department of Health and Human Services says that if you reach the age of 65, you will have a 70% chance of needing some form of Long Term Health Care. A majority of care is custodial in nature. This means help with activities of daily living or supervision due to a memory issue of some type. This is not paid for by any health insurance plan or by Medicare or Medicare Supplements. Since the cost of care is high, teachers, just like the rest of us, need to plan and they need to plan well in advance of retirement. 

Premiums are based on age and health at the time of application. The younger you are, the less expensive it will be. Generally we have better health when we are younger so you want to be able to take advantage of the much lower premium and better health. Plus, Long Term Care, because of the advances in medical science, is no longer just something that happens with older people. A Georgetown University study shows that 43% of all Americans use receive Long Term Health Care are under the age of 65. The problem … it is hard to die. This means, however, more people at younger ages who need help with every activities of daily living.

Long Term Care Insurance is very affordable. For me, most of my clients are in their 40’s and 50’s and see this as an important step in their retirement planning. But remember, a Long Term Health Care event can occur at any age. While we hope it happens when we are much older, it is not always the case. These medical advances allow us to survive health events and accidents more now than ever before. However, many times it means we need help with our daily living activities.

Long Term Care Insurance is an affordable way to plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Health Care has on loved ones. It is a key part of retirement planning for teachers and other Americans.

One in three seniors will have some type of cognitive issue according to the Alzheimer’s Association. People require Long Term Health Care because of accidents, illnesses and the impact of aging. Dementia and memory issues are just one of many reasons people require care. The advances in medical science make us more likely to need care at some point and this cost is high. With questions on how teacher’s retirements will be funded in the future, planning on Long Term Health Care is an easy and affordable way for a teacher to help themselves and their families now.

In my 16 years of experience in Long Term Health Care Planning I have seen firsthand how these plans get used at the time of claim. A Long Term Care Specialist, like myself, assists individuals to determine if Long Term Care Insurance is suitable, if the person health qualifies for coverage and then helps them shop for the best coverage at the best value.

If you want to learn more about Long Term Care Planning you can contact the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance at You can also go to my website at If you just want free quotes on plans from the top insurance companies you can get those at

Teachers need to start protecting their retirements now no matter what happens to the pension plans.

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Back on the radio to market the word about Long Term Health Care

At one time I was one of the most listened to radio personalities in southern Illinois. If you listened to top 40 radio in the late 70’s and 80’s and lived in southern Illinois you probably listened to CIL-FM. Then known as “Rocknradio”, the station dominated the ratings.

You see, I was one of those CIL-FM “DJ’s” that played the hits and when I was on the radio at night most everyone was listening.

It was a great time. People like Al Lentine, Skip Thomas, Lori Jo Thompson, Todd Manley, Joe Crain, Greg Gorham and others ruled the night-time. At night the audience was younger and we were rock stars no matter where we went.

If you are around 50 to 60 you may remember the radio blasting such hits as Bette Davis Eyes and Physical from 181, Centerfold and Jack & Diane from 1982, Africa and Flashdance in 1983, Jump and When Doves Cry from 1984, Can’t Fight This Feeling and One More Night in 1985 and so forth.

I went on to other cities in radio, Champaign, Des Moines, San Antonio and Chicago. But starting on Monday, August 18th, I returned to southern Illinois radio on commercials for my “McCann Insurance Services”.

The radio commercials airing on WJPF (1340 AM) and WCIL (1020 AM) will promote my new national website, The website allows consumers to get quotes on Long Term Care Insurance without having numerous insurance agents calling them.

I have experience as a nationally recognized Long Term Health Care Specialist for over 15 years. I went into the business after my mother, at age 59, went into a nursing home after a health event. What I soon discovered is health insurance does not cover Long Term Health Care. Then I quickly found out that neither does Medicare. This means the physical, emotional and financial burdens that Long Term Health Care creates is placed on individual families unless they plan in advance.

Long Term Care Insurance is one way to plan so a person and family can protect their assets and be sure to never be a burden on their loved ones. The new website helps people learn how affordable planning really can be.

Some internet sites give a consumer’s request to four, five, six or more insurance agents. This means if more information is required to provide the quote, the consumer has all these people calling them. In addition, many of these ‘insurance agents’ are not specialists in this area.

Only one person will contact the consumer if additional information is required to obtain the quote. My firm, McCann Insurance Services, represents all the top insurance companies that offer Long Term Health Care Solutions.

Long Term Care Insurance has become a popular way for people to protect their 401k’s and future retirement savings and assets. This type of insurance is very affordable if designed and shopped appropriately by a specialist.

Many people are unaware that health insurance and Medicare (health insurance for those 65 and older) don’t pay for most Long Term Care services. This places the burden of caregiving to the family or the family’s back pocket. Developing a plan for Long Term Care is essential to everyone’s retirement planning.

The website,, will ask for only a few pieces of information so free quotes on affordable Long Term Care Insurance can be obtained by the consumer.

Understanding the government can only provide for those who have no assets makes this even more important to have a plan in place long before retirement.

What many people find is affordable Long Term Care Insurance is the answer for those who want to address the physical, emotional and financial burdens that a Long Term Care event can create on a family.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance ( says that consumers should work with an experienced and knowledgeable professional who has at least 100 clients although 500 or more is better according to the trade group. In my case I have thousands of clients that have been assisted over the years.

Premiums are based on the age and health of the person at the time of application. Most people who start looking into Long Term Health Care planning are ages 40-70, although even younger consumers are starting to look at this as a smart way to plan.

So if you are listening to news/talk radio in the next few months in southern Illinois you will hear a familiar voice. Yes, that is the same Matt McCann who played your favorite songs on the radio when you were younger.

Now that we are adults we have adult responsibilities. Planning for Long Term Health care is one of those responsibilities. Instead of calling me to make a request for the old familiar “top 5 countdown” I hope you will call and make a request for help in planning.

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“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world”

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world”.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Success doesn’t always come to the smartest person or the best looking person in the room. The one thing that keeps so many people from success is FEAR. Fear can get in the way of success and the lack of fear allows some people to move ahead of others. The first thing you can do to in your attempt to overcome fear is to understand that you have this fear and it is IN YOUR WAY of having more success than you are enjoying now.

 “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is … Fear Itself” … FDR’s First Inaugural Address.

 It was said that the friendly, witty Roosevelt used his great personal charm to make people feel good. In campaign speeches, he favored a buoyant, optimistic, gently paternal tone spiced with humor.

Facing and understanding your fears are the first thing required to move forward in business or in life. You are not alone. Many people have fear of success itself. They have fear of the telephone and meeting people, fear that they may not be “good enough”, fear that people may not like or respect them and on, and on and on!

Think of some of the top producers, or successful individuals in any business … you know who they are … and you will find people who are “fearless” or who have overcame their fears, fears that they have in the back of their minds.

Finding and speaking with positive people helps. Find ways to HAVE FUN as you do the business you are in. That is a BIG help in overcoming fear and creating success. Belief in yourself and your products also help.

One thing that gets many of us afraid is current events. Many of us consume a lot of news. This impacts how we FEEL which can impact how we do our jobs since it can impact how WE FEEL about things. It sure adds a level of FEAR.

We might think that what is in the news now, today, is so much worse than it has been before. Really, really, I mean really?

Let’s take a period of time and look and see how SIMILAR it was then to now.

March 1951 – Mohammed Mossadegh presents the idea of nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company to the Iranian Parliament and it is eventually approved by the Iranian Parliament

April 1951 – Mossadegh is elected as Iran’s new Prime Minister

May 1951 – Britain imposes an embargo on Iranian oil and bans the exportation of goods to Iran in retaliation. Britain also mobilizes its navy as a show of force.

June 1951 – The United States, under President Truman, tries to mediate the situation between Iran and Britain diplomatically, while Britain decides to take legal action against Iran in the International Court of Justice

1952 – Iran decides to sever diplomatic ties with Great Britain

Wow. The more things change the more some things stay the same. There have always been major issues in the news that can impact our business, our family and our nation and world. OK, back then we did not have the DRUDGE REPORT, CNN, FOX NEWS, 24 hour news-radio, IPADS, IPhones, etc.

If the world around you is bothering you get a perspective, consume a little less of it and remember: YOUR PROSPECTS STILL NEED YOUR HELP DESPITE ALL OF THIS IN THE NEWS.

In my business (Long Term Care Insurance) perhaps the news is part of the reason consumers need to have a plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens that Long Term Care places on family and friends.

What about your business? What about your future in your business?

Don’t allow fear to defeat you … YOU can DEFEAT fear!

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It’s Now or Never …

It’s Now or Never.”

- Elvis Presley


“It’s Now or Never” … Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold wrote the lyrics for the Elvis Presley hit which was adapted from an old Italian standard “O Sole Mio”. Elvis had this as a number one record back in 1960.

 It’s now or never,

Come hold me tight

Kiss me my darling,

Be mine tonight

Tomorrow will be too late,

It’s now or never

My love won’t wait.


Tomorrow will be too late, it’s now or never, my love won’t wait. Maybe you are thinking I have lost my mind and perhaps I have. But when you think of your business are you thinking with the same sense of urgency as two star-crossed lovers saying we should embrace tonight since tomorrow may be too late?

Think about the business you are in and your potential customer. Every customer … every “lead” for a potential customer is a person. “Leads” are people.

No matter how you develop your potential customer (direct marketing, walk ins or call-ins, etc.) each and every lead … each and every potential customer is a person.

This really hit me in a way that perhaps we all should remember and think about. Leads are people … maybe this not as impactful as knowing that Soylent Green is people. But just like Charlton Heston, maybe you should have a major reaction when you discover that your potential customers, you’re “LEADS” are people …



… and it’s NOW or NEVER to help them and help your business. Many times we lack the sense of urgency which not only negatively impacts our own business BUT also can negatively impact the people represented in each and every potential customer … each and every lead you get.

Things can change quickly no matter what business you are in. People have choices. They can go to some other business that offers similar or the same products or services. The moment the customer … that lead that has an interest in you and your product and service is the moment of opportunity for both them and you and your company.

In my business, Long Term Care Insurance, people’s health can change at a moment’s notice or less. They respond to direct mail, they go to the internet and maybe we call and respond to their request or maybe we delay. Maybe we lack that urgency in dealing with each and every lead.

Yes, sometimes the consumer attempts to delay us. We either give-up or continue to make every effort to provide them with information and the advantages of the product or service we are marketing. Too many people in business give up way to quickly on the cunsumer. They give-up on that lead … they are giving up on people.

We fail not only ourselves but our prospects when we lack this sense of urgency with each and every PERSON because LEADS ARE PEOPLE!

These people do deserve our help. If we are going to help our customers and provide them with the products and services they desire, then we need to respond to them right away with a sense of urgency otherwise someone else will. You see, it’s now or never. You either commit or quit.

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Talking Change or Causing Change?

Some people talk change, others cause it.”

- Hubert Humphrey

It was 1968 and Vice President Hubert Humphrey entered the race for President after President Johnson decided he would not seek re-election. His campaign theme was simple and to the point, “Some People Talk Change … Others Cause It”. We had the war in Vietnam, a sagging economy and unrest in the streets. Candidates were talking about change. Humphrey was saying talk can be cheap … suggesting that he could actually cause change just not talk about it.

His campaign message could have worked had he entered the race earlier and had a field organization in place. He was caught off guard by Johnson’s announcement and others had already been running with strong organization. Humphrey won the Democrat nomination after the assassination of Robert Kennedy and an explosive Chicago convention. The end result was Richard M. Nixon became President of the United States.

It doesn’t matter what your political bent is since this message is NOT about politics. This is about business and how you can increase your success in your business. Humphrey’s slogan is speaking to us today in a climate of uncertainty.

The late US Senator and Vice President is speaking directly to you. Are you just one to talk a lot about how you’re going to change and improve your business OR are you going to place things in motion to CAUSE these positive changes?

If you are under-employed or are looking for a new way to provide financial independence for you and your family for not only today but for decades to come, this Humphrey message is one you should pay attention to.

We know that talk is cheap. It is much harder to cause positive changes in what you do, day in and day out, to make advances in your business. Think about what you can do this week and really execute.

If you are in a dead-end job perhaps making a positive change in direction could really benefit you and your family.

The career I am familiar with is running your own business helping people plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Care places on family and friends.

ACSIA Long Term Care provides the state-of-the-art training and support, plus provides the millions in targeted marketing so you can speak to people interested in having a plan. Go to and discover a way to cause positive change for you.

If you are already in business or in a career you are very happy with, please keep in mind that you need to do more than just talk about change in your organziation. Positive change can be done in any organization if you are committed to it.

Here is the hard part: really executing these positive changes. Make the effort, see the positive changes and create your own luck!

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Shakespeare and turning doubts into the “to be” of success.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

Yes, when we think of Shakespeare we think about, “To be or not to be, that is the question”.  The meaning, in this case, “to be” is to be engaged in your business or life itself. We do have a choice “to be” or not “to be”. That is a question we need to ask. If we are not ready to “bring your best” each and every day perhaps it is time to look for another career, maybe another life.

But we really have the choice “to be”.

As far as our doubts, yes we always have a few. Though doubts are feelings that come from ourselves and ourselves alone, they are not the best feelings to have. In a sense that they are “traitors,” they are certainly are not there to help us.

Doubts prevent us from so much from attempting to achieve and there is no way to achieve something without attempting it first. I have spoken about doubts and fears and how to overcome them in the past. It is very important to make every effort to lessen the impact of our doubts and fears because they become a barrier to success and happiness.

I think the bottom line is to remember that every day we have the choice “to be” or “not to be”. That IS the question we need to ask ourselves as we pursue our own personal and business growth.

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It’s not 1952!

It’s 1952. You’ve just opened your business in the downtown of your city. You get your space, put out your sign and wait for the flow of people to walk in. Guess what, people came in and you were a very happy person … as long as you had quality service, friendly staff and competitive prices. Life was good.

On occasion Sheriff Taylor or his deputy, Barney Fife, would walk in and say Hi, giving you and your customers additional peace of mind.

No matter what your business, the owner needs to come across as the area expert in that area. How can YOU be that? It is both easier and much harder in 2012 than it was in 1952.

In 1952 you used the local newspaper which was the dominant form of media in your community. You dropped by the local AM radio station as well and attempted to appear on the popular shows being broadcast to your community. Then you had your nice downtown office where people walked right in to see you.

In 2012 there is a tremendous amount of additional media sources and ways to impact customers and potential customers. Are you using these media opportunities to make an impact in your community?

Newspapers are not dead but they don’t have the impact, especially locally, like they used to. However, some newspapers have been able to create a web presence which is being used by the public. There are even “local” web based community newspapers which get local exposure.

Finding out what your options are and reaching out to the writers and editors is critical. This will not create instant success, but over time they may reach out to you to help them with a story. Not only does that create exposure for you but helps set you up as the area specialist in your field in your community.

Instead of one or two AM radio stations, now there are many AM & FM stations of all types of formats. Know your stations and local hosts and discover how you can help them help you. Local news/talk stations always need topics and guests. Morning shows and some afternoon shows will need guests as well. Some stations have midday news or farm shows where your specific expertise could be used. Introduce yourself to the producers and the hosts and establish yourself as an expert.

Think you are too little for TV? Nope. Many local TV stations have the need for guests on their morning news shows which wrap around the GMA’s and Today Shows. Watch or tape them on your DVR and see what they need on local segments. I’m not from Omaha, however, last summer when visiting I was a guest on local TV talking about the 3in4 Need More Campaign.

(see here:

Contact the local producer and see how you can get on TV. Then use these appearances for your in house promotion. If you have the talent you can even host your own “show” on cable access or even buy a half hour or hour on local radio or TV.

Don’t forget the new media as well. Do you have a website? Does it have good content? How about your own “app”? What do your emails look like? Your email signature should convey a strong message. Include a photo, contact information, links to your website, etc.

You are a brand. Use your brand to tell the public that you are the specialist in your field. Really doesn’t matter if you are a Long Term Care Specialist or a specialist in something else. You need to look like you know what you are doing. Everything from the voicemail message on your phone lines to your letterhead should send a strong message. Then act like the specialist that you know you are.

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