Long Term Care Insurance Claims Rise In 2016

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As the American people age and improvements in medical science allow us to survive illness and accidents more than ever before, people with Long Term Care Insurance are receiving benefits in even larger numbers.


The nation’s long-term care insurance companies paid $8.65 Billion in claim benefits in 2016 according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) a national consumer education and advocacy group.

Long Term Care Insurance works and provides the benefits required to safeguard your future retirement income and assets from the financial costs and burdens of aging. A affordable plan for long-term care will help you have a successful retirement with asset protection preserving the lifestyle you and your spouse/partner have enjoyed and the ease the burden extended care places on loved ones.

Read the full article here from LTC Planning News: http://longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/long-term-care-insurance-claims-rise-2016

The best time to start planning for long-term care is before you retire as part of your overall retirement plan. The goal is to safeguard your 401(k), IRA, #403(b) and other savings. Affordable LTC insurance will protect your assets and ease the burden on your family.

Learn your options and see how easy and affordable a long-term care plan can be.




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Most People Can Afford Long Term Care Insurance

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Like many people these days you probably go to the internet to research products and services. It is easy and convenient. It can also be a maze of inaccurate or misleading information. Do a search on long-term care planning and long-term care insurance; you can find a bunch of stuff. This “stuff” suggests anything from LTC insurance is affordable and essential to very expensive and not necessary.



If you are a smart consumer you will check your facts and find a specialist who can answer your questions, explain the pros and cons based on your situation, see which company best fits your age and health and help you through the underwriting process. This way you can have the peace-of-mind having an affordable plan to address the financial costs and burdens of aging.

LTC insurance is affordable especially if you plan in your 40’s and 50’s. This is not to say it is too expensive if you are older but health issues may make it more difficult. This is why you should contact a person like me who represents all the top companies and has extensive experience

Read the article from LTC Planning News: http://longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/long-term-care-insurance-costs

Learn about your options and act before you retire: www.mccannltc.net

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David Cassidy Reveals He is Suffering from Dementia

david-cassidy-depositphotos_17722663_m-2015-minI had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with and speak with David Cassidy on the phone a number of times. This is sad news as he now has to deal with memory loss. However it is a good reminder for us to make sure we plan for a successful retirement before we retire, This includes a plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. Affordable Long Term Care insurance will safeguard your 401(k), IRA, 403(b) and other savings from high costs of extended health-care. Time to act is now.

Read the story on David Cassidy here on LTC Planning News: http://www.longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/david-cassidy-reveals-he-is-suffering-from-dementia

I deal with many claims due to memory loss. In addition, I speak with many families looking for long-term care insurance AFTER a family member becomes diagnosed. At that point it is too late. The tremendous disappointment I hear is sad as they now know they have to deal with the situation all my themselves. This is why a successful future retirement needs to include affordable LTC insurance.

Be sure to act before you retire and protect your assets and future retirement income from the high costs and burdens that come with long-term care. LTC insurance is easy and affordable … but act when you are younger and healthy so you have the best options.




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Adult Children Dread Discussing Senior Living with Aging Parents

discussions-most-difficult-to-discuss-with-parentsThe most-dreaded topic of discussion that adult children have regarding their aging parents involves the older adults’ perceived need for assisted living and long-term care, according to respondents to a recent poll. While this is really no surprise, the consequences of not planning in advance can cause great stress on family. Affordable Long Term Care insurance will safeguard future income and assets (401k, IRA, 403b)  and ease the burden placed on loved ones.

Read the article:


The financial costs and burdens of aging impact all of us at some point. Without an advance plan crisis management comes into play. Decisions are made that may not be well thought out nor to everyone’s liking. Default family caregivers can’t keep up, paid care is put in place, money is drained and even quality care can be impacted. This is why it is in everyone’s best interests to think about these things well before you age. Long Term Care planning should be part of your overall retirement plan and put in place in your 50’s at the latest. Affordable LTC insurance will provide the resources for quality caregivers, safeguard savings and income (401k, IRA, 403b), provide choice of care (home, assisted living, nursing home. Adult daycare, etc.) and ease the burden on family. Plus many plans have case management so a professional can help make recommendations and arrangements for care. This will allow family members to be loving and supportive. This is also ensure you get the type and quality of care you want while protecting your assets and the lifestyle (yours and your spouses).

You think you are too young to think about long-term care? Answer these questions:

  1. Are you working and saving money in a 401k, 403b, SEP or other retirement plan?
  2. Do you have assets over $50,000?
  3. Do you want to avoid burdening your family?

If the answer is yes to those questions than you should learn your options. Plus, many states have partnership plans which provide additional dollar-for-dollar asset protection. Don’t allow a crisis situation happen years from now when your adult children may have to dread making decisions about aging and long-term care. An advance plan today will help you have a successful future retirement and allow you to enjoy peace-of-mind.

Get free quotes from all the top companies and learn your options for a successful future retirement: www.quoteonltc.com









Act before you retire: www.mccannltc.net #aging #parents #LTC #health #GenX #Boomers

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NBC Today Show: How to Pay for Long Term Care


Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s “Today Show” appeared with Matt Lauer to discuss the need for consumers to plan in advance for the high costs of Long Term Care. This has been a big media topic as so many people require extended health care due to illness, accidents or the impact of aging. Matt Lauer pointed out that medical costs, especially unexpected ones, can add up. He says most people want to have a healthy retirement but there’s a big wild card a consumer need to be prepared for … health care expenses.

“A 65-year-old couple will need an estimated $260,000 to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses through retirement — and that doesn’t include Long Term Care, according to Fidelity Investments. If you want to have a healthy retirement, there’s a big wild card you need to be prepared for health care expenses.” Lauer said.

Lauer pointed out these costs do not pay for Long Term Care something he reported that 7 in 10 people will need at some point.


“Long Term Care will cost anywhere from $44,000 to $96,000 a year depending on the type of care you require but you need a plan to pay for that,” said Chatzky.

Traditional Long Term Care Insurance will pay for any type of care, at home or in a facility. Chatzky reports the rate for a 60-year-old couple in normal health is about $2,100 a year for a mid-range policy according to the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). The AALTCI is a national advocacy group to educate Americans on Long Term Care Planning.

Premiums on these policies may be tax deductible. The AALTCI also says most states offer partnership policies which provide additional dollar-for-dollar asset protection.

If you’ve been saving for years and are looking to leave something to your kids, this is a way to make sure that all of your money doesn’t go to pay for health care according to Chatzky.

Hybrid policies also exist. These are Life Insurance Policies or Annuities with a Long Term Care benefit. They allow a consumer to tap into your benefit — reducing the death benefit —if you need Long Term Care. If not you have a death benefit or the cash value of the annuity. While the Today Show reported that these plans do not have inflation options, the better insurance companies do have inflation options. Experts suggest speaking with a specialist who can explain the options available.

Lauer asked Chatzky when the best time to start shopping for Long Term Care Solutions. “You want to start shopping at about age 50 and you want to ramp up your shopping very quickly,” she explained. She explained premiums after age 60 are higher but health conditions start to set in which could make premiums high or make a person uninsurable.

“You want an “A” rated insurer and shop around (the top companies),” she said. She also recommends working with a specialist in Long Term Care and not to wait too long.

See full article on LTC Planning News: http://longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/nbc-today-show-how-to-pay-for-long-term-care

Matt at Hyatt DC (2)

Remember premiums are based not only on the benefits you purchase but also based on the application age you get the policy and your health at the time of application. People work with me nationwide. As one of the country’s leading specialists in Long Term Care Planning I help people safeguard future retirement income and assets from the high costs and burdens of extended care.

Most people want quality caregivers and lessen the burdens place on family … especially daughters and daughters-in-law who many times become the default caregiver. The so-called “Sandwich Generation” is a daughter or daughter-in-law who is trying to be a wife, mother and have a career all while attempting to be a full or part-time caregiver. It doesn’t work.

See how affordable LTC insurance will ease the burden and protect assets. As the NBC report suggests, plan early when premiums are very affordable and your health is better. For Generation X (GenX) or Boomers this is a key part of successful retirement planning.

Learn more: www.mccannltc.net – Get free quotes from all the top companies: www.quoteonltc.com

There are a number of online resources to learn more about Long Term Care Planning:

LTC Planning News: includes news stories on health and Long Term Care Planning. It also has videos and website links as well: www.longtermcareplanningnews.com.

US Department of Health and Human Services LTC site: http://longtermcare.gov.

The National Institute on Aging: https://nihseniorhealth.gov/



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2017 Long Term Care Insurance Guide Available

Get your 2017 Long Term Care Insurance Consumer Guide … emailed to you FREE. Learn the basics of how affordable LTC insurance can safeguard your future retirement income and assets like your 401k IRA and other savings … while at the same time easing the burden placed on family. EMAIL your request with the subject line GUIDE: matt@mccannltc.net
Make 2017 the year you add peace-of-mind to your retirement plan with affordable LTC insurance. The financial costs and burdens of aging will impact your family. An advance plan will protect savings and add peace-of-mind. Act before you retire.
If you’re a Generation X, Late Boomer or Boomer planning now is essential.
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Unpaid Caregivers Impacts Quality of Long Term Care – Creates Burden on Family Caregiver

Too many caregivers providing help for a person requiring Long Term Health Care are not qualified to provide that help. Many of these caregivers are unpaid family members. This creates additional burden on the caregiver as it impacts their lifestyle and family, finances and health.

Helping a person with their medications can be hard. Sometimes an untrained caregiver will mix up medications which can cause major health issues. Mixing up pills are hard on those trained to provide such services much less a person who is not trained. The AARP says more than three-quarters of caregivers help loved ones to fill and manage medications that often require juggling varying dosages for pills that can appear identical. Many untrained caregivers are a family member, often a daughter or daughter-in-law. For them it is harder as they are part of the sandwich generation. This means they have a spouse, children, a job and the job of a caregiver for a parent or other family member. In other words, they are mentally and physically drained as they juggle work, family, career and caregiving.

There are an estimated 43.5 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S., many taking care of older adults with multiple chronic conditions. Traditionally, caregiving involved helping a person with basic daily activities. But the work has grown more demanding. They perform routine nursing work such as draining catheters. Caregivers also help loved ones navigate the healthcare system.


The skills required to help a person bath and perform other activities of daily living requires skill so the person doesn’t hurt themselves or the person they are trying to help. Many family members are not prepared for this work. This creates a huge burden on everyone. An recent article in Modern Healthcare says the economic value of caregiving, which ranges from short-term post-acute assistance to long-term care, was estimated at $470 billion in 2013. In 2011, the Congressional Budget Office estimated, family members provided 55% of the value of long-term elderly care services, or $234 billion a year.

“Despite the value of their work, these unpaid caregivers often lack the skills and support needed to properly care for their loved ones. And as the medical complexity of patient cases escalates, so do concerns about safety,” wrote Elizabeth Whitman in her this article.

An answer for many is to plan before any caregiving is required. First understand the risk of needing Long Term Care is high. As medical science gets better we live longer. The financial costs and burdens of aging will impact your savings and create physical, emotional and financial burdens on loved ones. Affordable Long Term Care Insurance will provide the resources for quality caregivers and reduce the burden placed on family.

Experts say the best time to plan is well before retirement. As you are saving money in your 401k and IRA finding a way to protect the money and have a plan to reduce family burden is perhaps common sense … but main fail to plan until it is too late.

The US Department of Health and Human Services says 7 in 10 people who reach the age of 65 will require some type of Long Term Care service before they die. The fact is it can and may happen to you. A plan to address this risk should be part of your overall retirement planning.

Discover how easy it is to learn about and get quotes for Long Term Care Insurance. It is easy and affordable and can be designed to fit your needs. Many states offer additional partnership benefits which provide additional asset protection. Many LTC plans will also pay for caregiver training so if you want to have a part-time family caregiver they will be trained to do it correctly.

Get more information now: www.mccannltc.net Get free quotes for LTC plans: www.quoteonltc.com

See the full article in LTC Planning News: http://longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/unpaid-caregivers-impact-quality-of-long-term-care


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