AALTCI lists McCann in Top 10 of Long Term Care Specialists in Nation

Every year the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance lists the nation’s top specialists in LTC Planning. Matt McCann, a 17 year veteran and nationally recognized LTC specialist was listed among the nation’s top 10.

(PRWEB) July 29, 2015

Matt McCann, a nationally known expert on Long Term Health Care Planning has been listed among the top 10 Long Term Care Specialists by a national trade and consumer organization.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) announced their annual list of the top specialists in the country. They do so every year honoring the best of the best of those who help people plan for the high costs of Long Term Care (http://www.aaltci.org/news/long-term-care-insurance-association-news/long-term-care-insurance-top-producers-announced-by-aaltci).

“There are thousands of active insurance and financial professionals nationally who market long-term care solutions,” says Jesse Slome, the Association’s executive director. “To be recognized among the leading professionals in the nation is a most important distinction.”

A 17 year veteran, the Darien, Illinois resident helps thousands of people throughout the country plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Health Care can have on loved ones. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says if you reach the age of 65 you have a 70% chance of requiring some type of Long Term Care service in your lifetime (http://longtermcare.gov). This means planning should be a key part of retirement planning. People require Long Term Health Care due to illness, accident or the impact of aging.

McCann was a well-known radio personality and manager who worked in a number of markets including Chicago, San Antonio, Lexington, Des Moines and others. When his family experienced a Long Term Care event it initiated a career transition.

“When I first started in this career many consumers thought I was speaking about ‘lawn care’ not ‘Long Term Care’. Today people are very aware that the advances in medical science are allowing us all to live longer than ever before. The risk of needing extended Long Term Health Care at any age is very high and the costs create huge financial burdens since health insurance and Medicare pay very little toward this type of care. Helping people find affordable ways to address these concerns gives consumers peace-of-mind,” McCann said.

McCann meets consumers from all over the country using safe internet technology that allows the consumer to see his computer screen as they speak on the phone. McCann says this allows people to learn about their options in the comfort of their own home or office.

Very few insurance and financial professionals specialize in Long Term Care Planning. McCann, and his firm, McCann Insurance Services (http://mccannltc.com), represents all the top insurance companies. With 17 years of experience and thousands of clients, he understands how these plans work, how they are underwritten and how they get used at the time of claim.

“One of the biggest issues I see is consumers getting incorrect information and recommendations which are generally much more expensive than what is required. I spend a lot of time asking questions and listening. This allows me to help the consumer determine if a plan is suitable, discover if they health qualify and with which company and design an appropriate and affordable plan to shop for as we get the best coverage at the best value,” McCann explained.

McCann says he can save consumers money and provide them with a plan that matches their retirement goals. This hard work and effort has made McCann one of the most well-known and recognized Long Term Care specialists in the nation.

“I am very proud of being listed in the top 10 of the best of the best by the AALTCI. My fiduciary responsibility to my clients is to make the proper recommendations based on the specific needs of the individual.” McCann said.

McCann has an educational website which helps consumers learn about Long Term Care, the federal/state partnership programs which are available in most states and the options they have for planning. Consumers can also get free quotes from all the top companies. The website is: http://mccannltc.net. Most people who start planning for Long Term Care are ages 40 to 60 although companies will consider young and older consumers.

McCann has helped consumers plan since 1998. He has also held sales leadership positions with a number of top agencies and is a well-known speaker on Long Term Health Care issues. McCann is cited often my major media outlets as an expert in this area.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and has done post graduate work at Benedictine University. McCann is licensed in most states and certified with the federal/state Long Term Care Partnership Program.

Consumers can reach McCann at his website: http://mccannltc.net or toll free at: 866-751-7957.

The AALTCI was established to create consumer awareness and advocacy to help consumers and specialists plan for LTC. Affordable LTC insurance pays for Long Term Health Care which health insurance and Medicare generally will not pay. People require LTC services due to illness, accidents or the impact of aging.

You can follow Matt McCann on TWITTER: @mccannltc – https://twitter.com/mccannltc

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For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/07/prweb12871532.htm

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About Matt McCann

Matt McCann is recognized as a leading Long Term Health Care (LTC) specialist. Since 1998, Matt has been a national leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional and financial burdens LTC places on American Families. He has been recognized by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country. In 2015 he was listed among the top ten specialists in LTC planning in the nation. He has also worked in sales management for two of the leading organizations marketing LTC products. He served as Director of Business Development for ACSIA LTC and Senior Vice President/Sales for LTC Financial Partners. Many of his agents have been among the top LTC specialists in the industry. Matt's divisions have also led in an innovative webinar approach which allows agents to use screen sharing software so prospects can see the agent's desktop. Matt's proven areas of success include sales coaching, training and motivation in additional to being an experienced LTC specialist. He has produced results in total production, placement rates and lead efficiency. Matt is known for years of experience leading creative efforts for agent meetings and sales promotions which drove results for both agents and consumers. He is now focused on helping consumers find affordable solutions so they can protect their assets and never be a burden on family and loved ones. He specializes in LTCi, Critical Care and Asset Protection products. Matt also coaches individual agents throughout the country helping them improve their processes to help more consumers. Matt is also known as an effective public speaker on LTCi and LTC issues as well as sales motivation. He appears on radio and TV programs and is available for bookings. Because of his schedule an advance notice is always requested. Prior to dedicating his life to LTC, Matt was a well known radio station manager and personality, He worked at radio stations throughout the country He may be best known for as legendary Chicago radio personality Larry Lujack's co-host when Lujack came back out of retirement years ago. Matt can be contacted by email at http://mccannltc.net/ or by phone at 866-751-7957. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @mccannltc - https://twitter.com/mccannltc
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