Top States for Long Term Care Planning

The nation’s leading consumer advocacy group for Long Term Care (LTC) planning announced the top 10 states of sales of individual LTC insurance in 2016. The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) published the list in an announcement made this week.stamp long term care insurance in red


The demand for Long Term Care Planning has increased dramatically in recent years as many parents of Generation X and Late Boomers started facing eldercare issues. While many people require Long Term Care before they are 65, this is a major aging issue and the consequences of a care event can be devastating on one’s savings and income while creating a burden on the person’s family.


“We will end the year with some seven million Americans who have traditional Long Term Care Insurance protection and another million who have a linked-benefit product that provides some LTC protection,” explained Jesse Slome, executive director of the AALTCI. The organization maintains the nation’s leading online resource for information pertaining to Long Term Care Insurance and annually helps tens of thousands of consumers seeking information on the topic.


The top-10 states ranked by the number of policyholders are:






New York
















Most LTC insurance policies offer benefits for both care in one’s own home as well as adult daycare, assisted living, rehab, memory care and nursing home care. Most LTC specialists say both consumers and policyholders at the time of claim prefer home-care if at all possible.


“The vast majority of individuals who purchase Long Term Care Insurance protection want the ability to receive care in their own home and this protection makes that possible,” said Slome.



Many consumers obtain partnership plans which provide additional dollar-for-dollar asset protection. The New York State Partnership for Long Term Care publishes an online list of states which have partnership LTC plans available and the states which offer reciprocity in the event a consumer were to move to another state. Illinois is the most recent state to adopt the federal/state partnership program which went into effect when President George W. Bush signed the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.


Here is the link from the New York State:


Consumers have a number of affordable options available today. In additional to traditional plans, linked or so-called “hybrid” policies provide death benefits. Many are single premium plans however some can be paid on an annual basis as well. Short-term plans are also available which in many situations easier to qualify for and offer affordable benefits for a wider age range.


“Insurance agents are selling more short-term care insurance to seniors to fill gaps in Medicare and as a Long Term Care planning alternative when cost, age or health is an issue,” Slome explained.


While most experts agree that LTC planning should happen well before retirement, options are available to those who may have waited too long or were turned down for coverage from a traditional plan.


Slome says consumers seeking information on Long Term Care Insurance costs and planning options should do so from a designated specialist, a member of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. Slome says to work with LTC specialists that can prove they’ve helped at least 100 consumers get a good deal on Long Term Care insurance.


“There are agents who have insured 250 to 500 individuals or more over many years,” Slome adds. “A good broker specialist will be appointed to compare policies from at least four or five companies. ‘Appointed’ means they can actually sell the particular policy, because it’s rare one will favor coverage from a company they cannot sell to you.”

Learn more about all these options at www.mccannltc.netLTC Planning News: See this article in full:

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About Matt McCann

Matt McCann is recognized as a leading Long Term Health Care (LTC) specialist. Since 1998, Matt has been a national leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional and financial burdens LTC places on American Families. He has been recognized by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country. In 2015 he was listed among the top ten specialists in LTC planning in the nation. He has also worked in sales management for two of the leading organizations marketing LTC products. He served as Director of Business Development for ACSIA LTC and Senior Vice President/Sales for LTC Financial Partners. Many of his agents have been among the top LTC specialists in the industry. Matt's divisions have also led in an innovative webinar approach which allows agents to use screen sharing software so prospects can see the agent's desktop. Matt's proven areas of success include sales coaching, training and motivation in additional to being an experienced LTC specialist. He has produced results in total production, placement rates and lead efficiency. Matt is known for years of experience leading creative efforts for agent meetings and sales promotions which drove results for both agents and consumers. He is now focused on helping consumers find affordable solutions so they can protect their assets and never be a burden on family and loved ones. He specializes in LTCi, Critical Care and Asset Protection products. Matt also coaches individual agents throughout the country helping them improve their processes to help more consumers. Matt is also known as an effective public speaker on LTCi and LTC issues as well as sales motivation. He appears on radio and TV programs and is available for bookings. Because of his schedule an advance notice is always requested. Prior to dedicating his life to LTC, Matt was a well known radio station manager and personality, He worked at radio stations throughout the country He may be best known for as legendary Chicago radio personality Larry Lujack's co-host when Lujack came back out of retirement years ago. Matt can be contacted by email at or by phone at 866-751-7957. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @mccannltc -
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